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Basic reminders for 5th grade math: We have work everyday. We have plenty of time to finish work in class, so there should not be homework everyday. Star Math is a big part of 5th grade. We need to show improvement every time we take the test. We use to help us grasp the topic we are covering. Every student will have their own username and password. Students can use this for extra credit and for assignments while on vacation during a normal school day. Please work on multiplication facts through 12 x 12 on your own. Knowing multiplication facts really helps with every topic in 5th grade math.
We usually send home progress reports at the end of every week. this makes it easy for parents to keep track of how their student is progressing. Parents can also check the grade book on-line. Check with our office to find out how. Feel free to email with any questions at
Let's have a wonderful year!