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Welcome Back!

I hope everyone found some fun this summer. We planted a large garden and the tomatoes and started to come in. My husband thought it would be a good to plant 43 plants of different varieties. Let the marinara flow!
Here we go, another school year but unlike any other. Please see the attached letter for details about this year's Music class (as of the beginning of the year). Things will be changing but we'll make it work. Please be sure to contact me if you have any questions. I will be posting videos for students to use. I have spoken with our fantastic tech guys and some previous criteria have been changed so student access should be easier. If there are problems, please notify me at your earliest convenience and I'll have it checked.
Our first unit will be Music in the Movies. I'm excited to discuss and learn about the history of film music, learn some terminology, introduce four predominant film score composers, and select music for a scene. Chromebooks will be used in class. I anticipate the unit will continue through the month of September.