February 9, 2022 COVID-19 Information Update

South Beloit Parents,

This is Superintendent Scott Fisher.  On Friday February 4, Judge Raylene Grischow   from Sangamon County in Illinois issued a temporary restraining order limiting Governor J. B. Pritzker’s executive orders on masking and quarantines for Illinois Schools.  The District was hoping to receive updated guidance on February 7 or February 8 from the Illinois Appellate Circuit Court if the South Beloit District must follow the Sangamon Court ruling or follow Governor’s Pritzker’s mandate.  The  Appellate Court has yet to decide on the TRO or  issue a date when updated guidance would be issued.  Therefore, the South Beloit School District has made the decision to follow the Sangamon Court ruling for the present.  Starting on Thursday, February 9, wearing masks at school will become optional.  The district still strongly recommends for all students to wear masks but will leave the decision to families.  However, please know the district may have to return immediately to wearing masks at schools if the Illinois Appellate Court strikes down the Sangamon ruling and reinstates the Governor’s executive order.  Regardless of the upcoming decision, students will still be required to wear masks on all school busses.  The district would like to apologize for all the confusion.  It has been extremely difficult, if not impossible,  deciding which legal order the South Beloit District must follow.  As always, the district will continue to communicate thru the All-Call system when changes to its Covid Polices occur and   as the Temporary Restraining Order decision works its way thru the Illinois Court System.      

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